About Us


Mining Life LLC manufactures, operates, & manages high-quality crypto mining rigs. It also aims to invest the crypto assets to help grow the profitability of the crypto in which it mines.

Target Market

The target audience is any adult who wants to learn, mine, and invest in cryptocurrency, and has the assets to invest in building their own mining rig.

Marketing Activities

Mining Life LLC will communicate with customers with an email newsletter, targeted online and social media ads, social media, and direct mail marketing.


Many people today do not understand how to build, mine, or operate crypto mining rigs. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are still unknown to many people even though crypto has been around since 2009.

The Competition

Crypto mining & investing was once a niche market but now has become a rapidly growing industry with companies of all sizes. Large companies include Genesis Mining (the world’s largest crypto mining company) Coinbase and PayPal to name a few.


  • Materials for building and operating mining rigs
  • Operational overhead (i.e., rent/mortgage, electricity, salaries, etc.)
  • Inventory space for mining rigs

Our solution

Mining Life LLC aims to bridge the gap between the unknowns of crypto mining and crypto investing by providing an all-in-one solution to investors who want to learn, mine, and invest their cryptocurrency earnings.

Revenue Streams

Mining Life LLC will have multiple streams of income: 1) Income from building mining rigs; 2) Income from monthly residual earnings of all mining rigs managed and operated by Mining Life LLC; 3) Income earned from investing crypto currency.

Team & Key Roles

Currently, there are three team members. The CEO Daniel Diaz, COO Jennifer Faubert, and CTO Larry Hawkes. As profits increase, Life Mining LLC will look to add employees to assist with sales, management, and operations.