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An Overview of How ASIC Mining Works

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Mining Life helps thousands of people accomplish their goals and chase dreams. Their services extend from ASIC ant miner hosting, GPU miner hosting, buy mining rig, and cryptocurrency consulting. In this article, Mining Life talks about how ASIC mining works.

Cryptocurrency mining used to be a quick and efficient process to mine coins. But those days are long gone. Today, the current process would include hardware called an ASIC miner and thousands of capital to invest. This mining system applies to all cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or DASH. 

An application-specific integrated circuit or also known as ASIC miner works as a chip with a sole purpose. It is designed to mine specific cryptocurrencies. Mining is used in this context as performing complex calculations to get into a specific number. Mining is both used in ASIC and GPU mining rig. 

But what is the essence of mining? The first one to find a particular one actually gets a reward. For example, Bitcoin honors around 6.25 coins as of May 2020. There are thousands of people mining Bitcoin in the hopes of finding the right number. 

How ASIC Mining works 

The contribution of ASIC miners to cryptocurrencies is the benefit of faster software. In cryptocurrency mining, the faster your hardware is the more chances of earning. Another thing that puts ASIC miners at an advantage is their ability to capture the exact algorithm of each cryptocurrency which is called a cryptographic hash algorithm. 

As mentioned above, miners work usually for a specific purpose. But the pros of getting an ASIC miner are that you are not limited to only one task. ASIC miners cover from the ground up to several performing functions -- thanks to their different graphics capabilities. This makes ASIC miners powerful. 

An ASIC miner can be expensive. The top-performing ASIC miner, the S19 Pro, is priced at $2,400. It delivers 110 trillion hashes per second with a power consumption of 3,250 Watts. While the base model retails at $1,785 with lower hashes per second of 95 trillion. Cryptocurrency mining can cost you thousands of dollars but it is worth the shot especially if the numbers that you will mine cost more than the equipment you will use. 

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