About the Episode

For part five of the Mining Life podcast, CEO Daniel Diaz sits down with host, Jack Hakimian of Global Presence, to discuss the type of clients Mining Life seeks. Starting from retail clients up to anyone in the world, learn how Mining Life progressed. 

Mining Life is a business venture that will bridge the gap between the concept of crypto mining and acquisition. They manufacture, operate, and manage high-quality mining rigs and venture into digital assets for foreseeable profit. Mining Life is open to any adult interested to learn, mine, invest in cryptocurrency. It is also open to anyone with existing assets to invest in building their own mining rig.

As you may have noticed on Mining Life’s website, specifically in the About Us section, it is written that Mining Life’s target audience is every adult interested in how crypto mining works or any adult with existing assets willing to invest. But before arriving at that decision, Mining Life started out in a different way. 

Type of Clients Mining Life Seeks

“Our original vision was help retail clients who wanted to receive passive income through investing in a mining rig or miners or ASIC or GPU. That was our original vision. It is our main vision, helping individuals in retails but as we realize that the facility that we have and the advantage that we have at electricity costs, that had to broaden actually bigger clients to have hundreds of units that are no longer profitable in states like Missouri, especially states like California and Hawaii where electricity is the highest. When we realize what type of advantage we have in the industry based on our 2.2-kilowatt hour and that’s not including the technology that we’re adding to bring that cost down through methane, methane energy productions, generators,” Daniel said. 

Due to this major edge, but they are now catering to every adult interested in crypto mining. At Mining Life, everyone is welcome to venture into the crypto mining field. That’s the type of clients Mining Life seeks.

About Mining Life Shop

Located at 7625 17th SW Vero Beach, Florida 32968, Mining Life Shop is your one-stop for anything cryptocurrency-related. We guarantee secure payment, efficient delivery, and fast support for our items. To know more about our services, visit our website or send an inquiry through their contact form. To connect directly with CEO Daniel Diaz, book an appointment now. Stay updated with Mining Life’s latest offerings by following our social media accounts.

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