As we celebrate Women’s History Month this March 2022, Mining Life would like to pay tribute to all women in cryptocurrency.

Women have long been underrepresented in the tech industry, but one niche that has been largely overlooked is crypto. But women are not only the most underrepresented demographic in crypto-space, they also face discrimination and harassment from male investors and entrepreneurs. There is a lot at stake for women in this industry. And many women are unwilling to enter a space that feels unsafe due to the risk of retaliation. 

If your goal is to support female empowerment, continue reading this article and learn how you can help women in cryptocurrency succeed.

The Importance of Women in Cryptocurrency

Women are lagging behind men when it comes to cryptocurrency investing. In fact, according to a survey by CNBC, women make up less than half of the men invested in digital currencies (16% men, 7% women). While some would argue that it’s not necessary to include women in crypto, it’s important to note that their exclusion is a form of discrimination. Underrepresenting women in any industry creates an imbalance in the market. 

There are many reasons why we need more female representation in crypto:

  1. Women can be more risk-averse than men, which means they may be less likely to invest money into high-risk investments like stocks or cryptocurrency.
  2. Some theorists have argued that women have a different way of thinking about risk because they are usually responsible for caring for children – which means the risks associated with investing may seem too high for them.
  3. When women occupy positions of power or decision-making, they often ask questions that bring up differing perspectives, which ultimately leads to better innovations and ideas.

Creating a Safe Space for Women in Cryptocurrency

Women in crypto face a lot of obstacles. They have limited access to funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities. But there’s still time for a change. With the right support, women can feel safe enough to make their voices heard and take control of their own success in crypto-space.

There are many small changes that can help create a safer space for women in crypto. One way is by supporting female leaders on social media platforms. You could also choose to invite women into your social circles—especially those that don’t seem as exposed to abuse or harassment as others might be. You could also provide tips or guidance on how to start investing if you’re already familiar with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. These small steps can make a difference for women in cryptocurrency at any level of involvement with the community, from newcomers to seasoned professionals.

Encouraging Female Entrepreneurs and More Women in Cryptocurrency

When women become entrepreneurs in crypto, they have to deal with sexism and misogyny. They also have to deal with investors who refuse to work with them, who don’t believe that female-founded businesses are worth funding. Women in crypto face an uphill battle—not only from the outside world but from their male counterparts.

If you want to support female empowerment, there are things you can do. One way is to learn more about the challenges that women face when they enter the crypto space. You can support female entrepreneurs by donating or investing in their projects or business ventures. You can also encourage other people and businesses to do the same so that these women won’t be fighting a one-person battle.

Encouraging female entrepreneurs in crypto is important. It helps create a safe space without discrimination. The more safe spaces we create for them, the more women will be encouraged and empowered to invest in cryptocurrency. It’s crucial that we make this space inclusive if we want them to help grow this industry into what it could be – something revolutionary.

A Call to Action For the Cryptocurrency Community

If you’re in the cryptocurrency space, it’s easy to overlook the lack of women. They are often not mentioned as start-up advisors or founders. This is even if female entrepreneurs make up around 30% of all start-ups in Silicon Valley. Even worse, women have trouble reaching angel investors for funding. They are less likely to apply for jobs in crypto-space and less likely to attend events in this industry. 

This is a call to action for the cryptocurrency community and investors: invest in female entrepreneurs and help them succeed. Female entrepreneurs need your support because they face barriers that male entrepreneurs don’t have to worry about. The gender pay gap is a major issue – women receive 20% lower funding than their male counterparts.

There are many misconceptions about women in cryptocurrency. They are not all wives and daughters; they have a voice, they have a vision, and they have a mission.  

The world of cryptocurrency is not a hostile environment, but one in which women can thrive and lead. If you are reading this article, you can make the change.

Happy Women’s History Month to the women in cryptocurrency and to all women in the world.

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