About the Episode

For the kickoff of the Mining Life podcast, CEO Daniel Diaz sits down with host Jack Hakimian of Global Presence, to discuss Mining Life and how it became the credible digital coin business it is today. Listen as Daniel shares the vision of starting this business why Mining Life is what he chose. 

Mining Life is a business venture bound to end the bridge between the concept of digital coins mining and acquisition. They manufacture, operate, and manage high-quality mining rigs and venture into digital assets for foreseeable profit. Mining Life is open to any adult interested to learn, mine, and venture into digital coins. It is also open to anyone with existing assets to invest in building their own mining rig.

Mining Life is the result out of the many realizations of Daniel. It all came to life due to somebody having three or more mining rigs and receiving a passive income. Daniel did the math and realized that digital coins mining could help thousands of people have financial freedom.

“I started Mining Life because when I realized that digital coins mining was profitable and I started doing math in my head and somebody had two, three, four mining rigs and they have passive income and wow they’ll be able to stop working so once that revelation dawned to me, I wanted to share with everybody and try to get people the financial freedom on that digital coins mining can give them.

Several companies had realized the same thing that Daniel did. But what makes Mining Life different is their background. Daniel came from an insurance industry background with Knights of Columbus. They help orphaned and widowed people gain financial freedom. Daniel applied this vision to Mining Life. 

Daniel’s Background

Talking about where he came from, Daniel said, “I have come from the insurance industry background with the Knights of Columbus where our mission is to protect and provide financial freedom to orphans and widows. It’s always been my goal to try and protect and make sure that families are financially provided for. And I became a stockbroker and that was completely different from experience. It wasn’t about helping people, it was about mining dollars, and then when I solved this in the potential I thought ‘Man! I could grow my money and rake it from my dad or my mom and then help them pay for the retirement. Oh, I can do this with anybody. I can show them how I’m making passive income through digital coins mining.’” And that’s where Mining Life came from. 

Daniel has this amazing financial literacy although not coming from a wealthy family. “I come from a divorced family background so my mom had to choose whether to buy food or buy gas so she got to work so she chose food for her two kids, my brother and I. We didn’t come from a wealthy background. You know we live in a duplex, my grandfather lived in the front, and I remember eating macaroni and cheese a lot. Vienna sausages were a treat, and then as I moved up as a political consultant and I kinda became an entrepreneur starting businesses. I was a stockbroker and insurance agent so that’s how I got into the financial world and then I had some success in my political consulting business making 6 figures in election years.” 

About Mining Life Shop

Located at 7625 17th SW Vero Beach, Florida 32968, Mining Life Shop is your one-stop for anything digital coins-related. We guarantee secure payment, efficient delivery, and fast support for our items. To know more about our services, visit our website or send an inquiry through their contact form. To connect directly with CEO Daniel Diaz, book an appointment now. Stay updated with Mining Life’s latest offerings by following our social media accounts.

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